RAR File Says No Archive Found

How to deal with No Archive Found error?

Sharing or transferring large files via email attachment is indeed a troublesome thing. To get rid of this problem, the RAR file container comes very handily. Using WinRAR archiver, one can reduce the size of files and then share or upload them in a RAR file format. Moreover, by compressing videos, photos, documents, etc. you can save the storage space. Generally, the users create the RAR archive to keep the information as a backup, for emailing large-sized documents, media files, and when there is a need to save storage space on the computer hard drive. However, a common problem that often most of the users encounter is the corruption of RAR archives. Whenever the RAR file says no archive found, don’t be annoyed. Simply fix the archive by employing the WinRAR Repair software.

Repairing RAR that says no archive found

Whenever RAR file says No Archive Found, simply launch the WinRAR Repair tool on your computer and fix it straightaway. It is designed with an automated advanced scanning algorithm that fixes the RAR archive thoroughly and makes it healthy and readable. The tool is designed with an intuitive user interface that avails an automated and hassle-free RAR repair. This software is also capable to extract corrupted RAR from various storage drives. You can utilize this application in the following instances of RAR corruption/errors-

  1. Incomplete or partially downloaded RAR files
  2. Encountered WinRAR unexpected end of archive RAR error message
  3. RAR files inaccessible due to bad sectors on the storage
  4. Damages to the RAR due to dreadful viruses
  5. The CRC errors during extraction

Irrespective of the causes, the WinRAR Repair tool can effortlessly fix the broken RAR archives seamlessly. It is well-suited to work with all WinRAR versions from WinRAR 1.00 to 5.70. Furthermore, this app can be installed on any edition of the Windows operating system. A trial version of this software is also available for free. WinRAR Repair program deals with all sorts of errors during RAR extraction.

Also read- If you are not able to open RAR archive on Windows 7 computer, visit this page https://www.winrarrepair.net/windows-7.html and repair archive easily.

Steps to fix RAR no archive found error

Step 1: Install this application on your computer and open its main window as shown in figure A.

Repair Winrar File CRC Error - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Browse to select the erroneous RAR archive and click on the "Repair" button as shown in figure B.

Repair Winrar File CRC Error - Select RAR Archive

Figure B: Browse RAR Archive

Step 3: Mention the RAR archive and click on the "Save" option as shown in figure C.

Repair Winrar File CRC Error - Save Fixed RAR File

Figure C: Save the Fixed RAR File