How to Repair Corrupt RAR File in Windows 7?

A simple tool to Fix RAR files on Windows 7

When it comes to uploading or downloading of the large number of files over the network, compressing of files is the most widely used technique. The foremost purpose behind compressing is to reduce the size of the data. However, sometimes most of the users may come across a cyclic redundancy check error while downloading WinRAR files from the internet. The eruption of CRC error to your RAR file indicates that the RAR archive is corrupt and unreadable. In such situations, the user cannot restore data from the RAR file unless there is an updated backup copy of RAR files.

"Some days back I compressed some vital files on my Windows 7 PC using the WinRAR. Now when I try to extract the files, It turns unresponsive. I don't even possess a backup of the RAR files that fail to extract. How do I fix this issue with RAR files on my Windows 7 system? Please suggest."

The RAR files fail to extract mainly due to corruption or damages to the WinRAR archives. If RAR backup is unavailable then you can repair damaged RAR archive by relying on the WinRAR Repair program.

Prior to knowing how to fix the RAR file corruption issue on Windows 7, it's better to know how these archives get corrupt, which might help you in the future to avoid the corruption problem. Some of the most common causes are given below-

  • Sometimes while extracting data from the WinRAR archive, if the extraction process terminates before its completion then the chances of corruption are more. In case, if the user doesn’t have a backup then he has to forfeit his important RAR files
  • There are some other causes like file system error, software glitches, unexpected system shutdown
  • Virus infection may also lead to RAR file corruption
  • Employing improper file conversion techniques

How to fix RAR files on Windows 7 system?

The WinRAR Repair is the best-suited utility for fixing the RAR archives on Windows 7 and all other editions of Windows OS (Windows 10, 8, XP, Vista, Server 2003, and 2008). No matter how archive gets corrupt, the WinRAR Repair tool will easily fix the errors and issues in a hassle-free way. This program also helps you to overcome the corruption of RAR files after recovery using some unauthenticated repair tools.

This tool has a user-friendly interface and strong repair algorithms that help you to fix the corrupt, damaged, inaccessible, unreadable or broken RAR archives of any size. It is capable to repair archives of size 4GB and above. The tool also ensures that original RAR files are not modified at any cost. Furthermore, you can implement the trial version of the WinRAR Repair app and evaluate the efficiency of RAR file repair.

Simple steps to repair RAR file on Windows 7

Step 1: First, download the WinRAR Repair tool and install it on your Windows 7 computer. After setting up the application, open the main screen as shown in figure I.

RAR Repair on Windows 7 - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step 2: Specify the RAR file for repairing by clicking on the Browse button.

Step 3: The tool begins to scan the selected RAR file when you click on the Repair button.

RAR Repair on Windows 7 - Select RAR File

Figure II: Select RAR File

Step 3: Select the folder where you want to save the repaired RAR file and then click on Save option, refer in figure III.

RAR Repair on Windows 7 - Save RAR File

Figure III: Save RAR File