WinRAR Repair after Recovery

How to fix corrupted RAR File after recovery?

RAR is an extension given to a compressed file, which is generally used to compress several files in a single file.  The size of the compressed file is much less than the sum of their sizes. This archive file can be sent over the internet easily due to its small size in place of a large file. Another advantage of this RAR file is that it allows the user to save enormous data in small memory space. While managing and organizing such RAR files, there is a chance that these files may get deleted. If the RAR file is deleted then the only way to get it back is to make use of the recovery tool. The data restoration tools can get back all your deleted or lost archive file easily. But, sometimes users find that this recovered RAR file refused  to be open, this generally happens due to corruption. Damages to the archive file make the RAR archives inaccessible. Suppose you have downloaded a RAR file that contains important project from the internet and when you want to extract the content of the compressed file, it is showing an error message like “There is some problem with the content of RAR file”. But, there is repairing software, which can fix such a damaged file and the user would be able to extract the content of such a compressed file.

The WinRAR Repair software

WinRAR Repair is the most effective tool for the damaged files after recovery using any unreliable programs. Most frequently reasons by which this RAR file gets corrupted are interruption while downloading or uploading compressed files, viruses or malware attacks, file format conversion, CRC error, and header corruption. Irrespective of all these causes, one can instantly fix the corrupt RAR files using the WinRAR Repair application.

Extraordinary features of the WinRAR Repair tool

  • Automatically scans and fixes the broken, corrupt, or erroneous RAR files
  • Ensures no damages to the original RAR contents
  • Works with all WinRAR versions
  • Extracts corrupt RAR having a size greater than 4GB
  • Suitable to fix multipart, spanned and split RAR archives
  • The tool is compatible to run on all editions of Windows OS
  • Repairs RAR unexpected end of file error within clicks
  • The intuitive graphical user interface guides in every step of the repair

Simple steps to fix corrupted RAR file after recovery

Step 1: First, download the WinRAR Repair tool and install it on your system.

WinRAR Repair after Recovery - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Specify the corrupted RAR file to be repaired by using the "Browse" option.

Step 3: Press on the "Repair" button as shown in Figure B.

WinRAR Repair after Recovery - Select RAR File

+Figure B: Select RAR File

Step 4: Select the location where you want to save the fixed RAR file and then click on the "Save" option as shown in Figure C.

WinRAR Repair after Recovery - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Save the Repaired RAR File