How to Repair a Corrupt RAR File?

Generally, you encounter RAR corruption while extracting the compressed archives. Most of the users come across corrupted/damaged archives that cannot be extracted due to incomplete or void binaries. Even though Windows provides an inbuilt AutoUnpack application to extract the damaged RAR archives, but there are times when it fails to perform its required task. In such instances, a legitimate backup copy of RAR files helps you. However, if you don’t have the backup then you can fix the corrupt RAR archives using reliable repair software. Well, for best results you can rely on the WinRAR Repair software that is designed to fix the RAR files archive and then you can easily extract data.

Before learning how to repair corrupt WinRAR files, be aware of some major causes for damages to the RAR archives-

  • Sometimes, while extracting the archive, unwanted bits of data can be induced in the WinRAR file. This gives rise to RAR CRC errors
  • An incomplete or partial download operation will also fail to extract the compressed files
  • Virus threats will severely threaten your valuable archive files
  • Damages to the RAR file header will also throw some extraction errors
  • Bad sectors, application conflicts, Windows registry corruption, RAR corruption after recovery, etc. will affect the RAR files


To surmount the data loss due to the corruption of the RAR file during its extraction, always make sure that the internet connection is not be interrupted while downloading or uploading archives from the internet. Also do not extract the WinRAR archive whenever you face the power fluctuation problems.  Furthermore, avoid the infection of the virus on the system by using an efficient updated antivirus program.

The solution to fix corrupt RAR files

WinRAR Repair is a significant tool that helps to repair the damages or corrupt RAR archives using efficient scan algorithms. The tool will securely scan the corrupted archives and extract valuable documents, images, audio, video, etc. that are compressed. It ensures that the original RAR file structure or its contents. This tool  is specially designed with an intuitive UI that offers an automated RAR file repair process.

This award-winning RAR repair application is capable to fix damaged WinRAR, corrupt, unreadable, inaccessible, and erroneous RAR archives in a hassle-free way. WinRAR Repair application supports RAR files created using any version of WinRAR. This tool is built to support password-protected RAR archives as well. The program efficiently runs on Windows 10 and all previous versions. Furthermore, by using this tool you and also supports RAR file repair on Windows 8 and many more versions of Windows OS. Learn more about repairing Windows 7 RAR file here.

Further reading: Most of the users are likely to maintain a large AVI file without compressing it, to get a continuous flow of data while playing the file. But in actual practice, there are more chances of these AVI files getting corrupted or damaged as because of many reasons. You can know more about the corruption of the uncompressed AVI file at, visit it and get more knowledge.

Simple steps to extract corrupted RAR files

Step 1: Get the WinRAR Repair tool installed on your system.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Choose the corrupt RAR file to extract by clicking on the Browse button.

Step 3: Press on the Repair button to begin with RAR repair.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Select RAR File

Figure B: Select the RAR File

Step 4: Select the location from where you want to the extract corrupt RAR file and then click on the "Save" option as shown in figure C.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Extract Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Save the Repaired RAR File

NOTE: Watch the YouTube video to know how to extract corrupted RAR files in a very easy and reliable way.