How to Repair Broken RAR Archive?

A smart solution to repair the broken WinRAR archive

RAR file format is the most popular file container to keep the compressed data. Once you compress a file, it requires very low memory space to save information. We need to create a RAR archive when there is a need for transferring large-sized attachments via email or saving valuable data as a backup on our computer hard drive or any removable storage media. Although it becomes very simple to create a backup of crucial data and convert it to a RAR archive, these RAR archive is also prone to corruption.

How do RAR archives get broken?

  • Corrupted CRC code- While compressing the file, WinRAR generates and adds CRC code that needs to be similar at the time of compression and extraction. Often this CRC code gets altered or corrupted and so when you try to open the RAR archive, it throws the error. However, you can fix WinRAR CRC error efficiently with the help of a reliable third-party program
  • Incomplete Download- Abrupt power surge and network failure could result in incomplete downloading or uploading of RAR file and later it may render a broken file
  • Windows Registry Corruption- If you have modified Windows registry or it has corrupted due to any reason, the RAR archive appears to be broken
  • Broken RAR header: Damages to the RAR file header will show conflicts in extracting the archives. You can go through this link to explore more about header corruption and its a proper solution
  • Improper Recovery- Usage of untrustworthy apps to restore RAR files might end up with damages to the RAR file
  • Virus Attack- You may find broken WinRAR archive after it is attacked by viruses or other malicious programs
  • Other factors- Even software conflicts, OS crash, WinRAR application crash, bad sectors, etc. could also result in broken RAR file

Fixing a broken WinRAR archive is indeed very easy!

Once you encounter the WinRAR archive is broken and throwing errors, the best approach is to rely on the proficient tool named WinRAR Repair software. This application will not only assist you in fixing broken or damaged archive but helps to resolve various RAR errors like- CRC error,  “no files to extract”, "Unexpected end of file", "invalid RAR file", "RAR filename too long", error 17540, and so on.

WinRAR Repair application can be installed on any edition of the Windows OS (Windows 10 and all earlier editions). You can refer to this informative page to know how to fix the WinRAR file on the Windows 7 computer. Furthermore, a demo version of this software is available for free. When the repair operation is complete, the app lets you save the fixed RAR file to any suitable drive location.

Steps to repair broken WinRAR file

Step 1: Install the WinRAR Repair application on your computer and open the main screen as shown in the below figure.

How to Repair Broken RAR Archive - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Use the Browse button to select the broken WinRAR archive.

Step 3: You need to hit on the Repair icon to begin the fix process.

Fix Broken RAR Archive - Select WinRAR Archive

Figure 2: Select the WinRAR Archive

Step 4: Set a location to save the fixed Win RAR archive using the Browse button.

Step 5: Finally, press on the "Save" icon as illustrated below.

Repairing Broken RAR File - Save Fixed WinRAR File

Figure 3: Save the Fixed WinRAR File