RAR File Says No Archive Found

How to deal with No Archive Found error?

Large size of files may create a big problem for you when there is need to share or transfer these files via email attachment. To get rid of this problem, RAR file container comes into picture. Using WinRAR archiver, one can reduce size of files and then share or upload them in RAR file format. Moreover by compressing videos, photos and other big size data you can save memory space. Generally, user creates RAR archive to keep information as backup, for emailing large size documents, media files and when there is need of space on computer hard drive. However, a common problem that often most of users encounter is corruption to these archives. When RAR file says no archive found, don’t be annoyed. Simply take advantage of this information and fix RAR archive error.

These RAR archive are very prone to various corruption issues so it is important to deal with these archives very carefully. We have observed few pit falls that users make usually while packing or unpacking RAR file. While extracting data from RAR archive, make sure this process should not be interrupted. In many circumstances, this process gets interrupted and you left with corrupted or damaged RAR file. Because of power fluctuation, if your computer gets shutdown when extracting RAR archive, this could result in corrupted archive. Here www.winrarrepair.net/extract-corrupted-files.html you can learn the easiest way to know how to extract corrupted RAR archive.

Similarly, if RAR files are saved on storage drive that is affected with bad sectors, you may find it inaccessible. Viruses are also equally responsible for making RAR file damaged or inaccessible. These malicious programs have tendency to damage or modify internal structure of RAR archives and make them unresponsive. Sometimes, due to improper file compression or because of file is not completely downloaded, it may throw CRC error and then becomes unreadable. The moment you receive CRC error while unpacking RAR archive, utilize a proficient WinRAR Repair application to fix RAR file CRC error.

When RAR file says No Archive Found, simply launch WinRAR repair tool on your computer and fix it. Irrespective of any reason, this software performs safe and fast repairing of RAR archive. You can easily extract information from WinRAR file every time if it become inaccessible. If you are unable to extract WinRAR file due to some unknown reason, follow this link for easy access: http://www.winrarrepair.net/unable-to-extract.html. This is designed with automated advanced scanning tool that repairs RAR archive thoroughly and makes it healthy and readable. Using this software, you can easliy fix WinRAR unexpected end of archive RAR error message with ease. With this software you can fix any kind of error that you encounter while opening RAR file. You can utilize this application to fix RAR archive errors on all major launches of Windows computers. If you are not able to open RAR archive on Windows 7 computer, visit this page http://www.winrarrepair.net/windows-7.html and repair archive easily.

Note: Refer this page www.winrarrepair.net/how-to-repair-broken-rar-archive.html to know more about repairing broken WinRAR archive with advanced tool.

Steps to fix No archive found error:

Step 1: Install this application on your computer run it to open its main window as shown in figure A.

Repair Winrar File CRC Error - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Window

Step 2: Browse to select the RAR archive and click on "Repair" button as shown in figure B.

Repair Winrar File CRC Error - Select RAR Archive

Figure B: Browse RAR Archive

Step 3: After file is repaired, select the location, where you wish to save the repaired RAR archive and click on "Save" option as shown in figure C.

Repair Winrar File CRC Error - Save Fixed RAR File

Figure C: Save Fixed RAR File