WinRAR Says No Files to Extract

Fix WinRAR Error No Files to Extract

A file compression application can make it easier to store a large amount of data in small memory space and to transfer files over the internet. WinRAR is one such tool that can compress various files in a single file reducing its total size. However, there are several instances where the archive cannot be opened and we lose access to important data. At worst case, you receive the error message that WinRAR says no files to extract.

Various reasons behind the occurrence of such WinRAR error as discussed below-

  • RAR Header corruption: The WinRAR says no files to extract mainly due to any damages occurred to the RAR header file
  • Improper Compression: There are various methods to compress a large size file. If you create a RAR file using an unreliable application, the RAR files get corrupted
  • Incomplete Download: It is another reason for which you can get this type of error message. Incomplete download or partial download of the RAR file, due to any interruptions like- network failure or system shut down is likely to cause damages to the WinRAR files
  • Virus threats: There are huge possibilities of receiving various errors during the extraction of RAR files mainly due to suspicious virus or malware
  • Partial Recovery: If you use any untrustworthy tools to restore the deleted or lost RAR archive, it might lead to incomplete recovery. The files might remain in a corrupt state after recovery. Learn here how to fix RAR after recovery

How to fix WinRAR that says no files to extract?

You need to employ the WinRAR Repair program to securely fix the RAR files that says no files to extract. It is built with advanced algorithms that scan and fixes all the issues with the WinRAR files in a hassle-free way. This tool is capable of repairing password protected RAR files in a hassle-free manner. It operates in a read-only mode and will not alter the original RAR archives.

It is a trustworthy tool can be installed on all major Windows OS editions. The program is fully compatible with all WinRAR versions (WinRAR 5080 and all previous versions). To extract damaged RAR files on Windows 8 computer, visit this URL:

Steps to fix WinRAR file that says no files to extract

Step 1: Download and install the RAR repair utility on your system. Open the main screen as shown in fig A.

WinRAR Says No Files to Extract - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Screen

Step 2: Click on the Browse button to specify the RAR file (that says no files to extract) for scanning.

Step 3: Proceed to hit on the Repair button to initiate repair on the WinRAR files that says no files to extract.

Repair Broken Winrar - Select RAR File

Fig B: Select RAR File

Step 3: Finally, set a destination location to save the repaired WinRAR file and then click on the "Save" button.

Repair Broken Winrar - Save Repaired RAR File

Fig C: Save the Repaired RAR File