Repair WinRAR Extraction Errors

Errors in Extracting WinRAR Files

WinRAR is a widely used tool ways to compressed files. Although it is secured by a series of algorithms, RAR files are highly susceptible to corruption and damages. Users get stuck in with errors and corruption when they try to extract the WinRAR archives. Upon RAR corruption you encounter errors- "File open error: invalid CRC" or “CRC error: The file, which you are opening might be corrupted." The CRC of a RAR file is meant for authentication of data. Therefore, if any error occurs while transferring the RAR file over the internet, the entire WinRAR file turns inaccessible.

Commonly encountered errors during RAR file extraction-

  1. Unknown Format
  2. Filename too long
  3. Unexpected end of file error
  4. No files to extract error
  5. The archive is corrupt

Reasons for WinRAR errors

Multiple known/unknown factors account to the corruption of the WinRAR archives. The common causes include- RAR header corruption, incomplete/partial download, virus attacks, software conflicts, improper compression, and many more. When a user tries to unzip such inadequately compressed files, it becomes unreadable, corrupt or sometimes RAR files will be broken. Nonetheless, you can resolve the RAR errors by employing efficient repair tools.

Easily fix RAR extraction errors using the WinRAR Repair software

The WinRAR Repair is a significant tool for fixing RAR archives upon experiencing extraction errors. This automated software just needs you to specify the file path in order to fix any of the damaged files. It deep scans the input RAR file and recreates a brand new file keeping the original file content intact. One can use of compressed file repair tool which mends corrupted RAR and ZIP files in a matter of minutes.

This award-winning WinRAR archive repair tool supports all versions of RAR. It is also capable to fix encrypted RAR files, multipart RAR files, spanned, and split RAR archives with great efficiency. The tool is fully compatible with all editions of Windows OS. You can just click here to learn about RAR repair on Windows 7 PC.

Simple steps to fix corrupted WinRAR file

Step 1: Set up the WinRAR Repair application on your computer. The home window appears as shown in figure a.

How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Using the Browse button select the WinRAR file showing errors during extraction.

Step 3: You need to press on the Repair button to apply a scan on the RAR file.


How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors - Select Corrupted File

Figure b: Select Corrupted File

Step 4: Specify the target drive location to save the fixed WinRAR file and click on the Save option.

How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors - Save Repaired WinRAR File

Figure c: Save Repaired WinRAR File