Repair Incomplete RAR File

How to Fix Incomplete RAR Archive Easily?

RAR files are used to compress different files in a single file in an archive format. Via this format, you can store large size of the files in a low memory space and save your hard disk space. It is also very helpful to send a larger size of file through email or the internet. A compressed file is transferred from system to external storage space or vice-versa in a less time. All these advantages make a RAR file more popular amongst the users.

Well, occasionally you can face certain problems with RAR archives that can even lead to loss of your valuable files. Your RAR file might get inaccessible after incomplete download, usage of unreliable compression tools, unsuccessful file transfer, and many more. But, if you don't wish to lose the valuable RAR archives then you can rely on the efficient WinRAR Repair tool. This application is very effective to repair incomplete RAR during various instances of corruption or damages.

Your essential compressed files might refuse to open in the below-mentioned circumstances:

  • Incomplete Download operation: Many times, we download a RAR file received via email or the internet. Whilst downloading the archive, if the there occurs failure in the internet connection, sudden system shut down, or any other sort of interruptions then the download remains incomplete
  • RAR Errors: Damages to the RAR archives will pop-up various types of errors while you try to extract them. You have to employ the WinRAR Repair application to resolve all such errors. You can also check the steps to repair RAR error filename with too long names over here-
  • Usage of Untrustworthy Compression Tools: There are so many applications available on the internet to create and extract a RAR file. Such tools might improperly or incompletely compress your vital RAR files. After using such tools to compress RAR you might encounter errors opening RAR file
  • Improper File Transfer: In some cases, when we transfer files from computer to external storage space or vice-versa, we abnormally eject the storage device. If it happens during the transfer of RAR archive, there is high chances of RAR file header corruption
  • Virus attack: Even virus and malicious threats are also responsible for issues in accessing the RAR archives
  • Bad sectors: Severe bad sectors on the hard disk will also corrupt the RAR files

How to extract incomplete RAR files?

There could be furthermore reasons that account to incomplete RAR files, but you can use the WinRAR repair program to safely fix the incomplete RAR archives. This tool employs the proficient algorithms that securely scans the incomplete RAR files and creates a healthy RAR file. It is regarded as the smartest application to extract data from damaged RAR files without affecting the original file contents. You can repair an incomplete RAR file on all major versions of the Windows system including Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, etc. To know more about data recovery from corrupted RAR, visit:

Steps to Repair Incomplete RAR File

Step 1: Download this RAR file repair tool on your computer.

Repair Incomplete RAR File - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, Browse the incomplete RAR file and click on the Repair button as shown in figure 2.

Repair Corrupted RAR Files - Select Incomplete RAR File

Figure 2: Select Incomplete RAR File

Step 3: After completion of the repair operation, locate the destination location and click on Save button as shown in figure 3.

Fix Damaged RAR Files - Select Destination

Figure 3: Save the Repaired RAR File