Solve RAR Error File Name Too Long

How to Fix RAR Error File Name with Long Name?

One of the intrinsic features of WinRAR is its lack of ability to attain long file names and the directory structure. Whilst trying to extract an archive in WinRAR, you might encounter an error message saying that file path and name could not exceed a certain number of characters in length. This sort of RAR error message is likely to encounter the corruption of the WinRAR archives. Unfortunately, there is no option left out to solve the RAR error file name too long with names. However, you can overcome these limitations by following to solve the RAR filename too long error.

Change the Extraction location

Step 1: Initially, open the RAR file in WinRAR simply by double-clicking the file on the Windows Explorer. However, if WinRAR is not associated with RAR files, this will not work. If so, right-click on the file and point to "Open With" and click on " WinRAR Archives"

Step 2: Now, choose the “Extract To” option

Step 3: Further, select the root folder of any drive and click on the “Ok” button. In this way, one can easily extract the contents to the root folder by minimizing the pathname without changing the contents of the RAR file

Steps to change Filename

Step 1: Open the RAR file in WinRAR

Step 2: Choose the file or folder name and select the “Rename” option

Step 3: Type a shorter name and click on the “Enter” option. Now, select to rename higher-level folders before renaming subfolders and files, which can eventually rename multiple paths simultaneously in a single action.

Step 4: Further, choose “Extract To” option to select the root directory of any drive and select “Ok” to extract the file and folders

If the above-described method doesn't help you overcome the filename too long error, you got another easy and best solution. You can instantly resolve RAR filename too long error via the WinRAR Repair software. This app is capable to fix RAR file damaged due to CRC errors, download errors, unknown compression techniques used by third-party utility, virus or malware attacks, sudden power failure, etc. To know how to deal with the RAR file header corruption issue, click here:

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Easy steps to solve RAR Error Filename Too Long

Step 1: Download the WinRAR Repair software on your computer.

Solve Rar Error File Name Too Long - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Browse the corrupted RAR file that pops filename too long error messages.

Step 3: Clicking on the "Repair" button triggers the scan process.

Solve Rar Error File Name Too Long - Select RAR Archive

Figure 2: Select RAR Archive

Step 3: Mention the location where you want to save the repaired RAR file and press on the "Save" option.

Solve Rar Error File Name Too Long - Save Repaired RAR Archive

Figure 3: Save the Repaired RAR Archive