How to Repair a Corrupt RAR File?

With the wide usage of internet, transferring data has become one of the most essential activities. Nonetheless, due to limitations of speed of internet, user is restricted to transfer small files over the internet through email. However, sometimes user has to transfer some large file over a remote network. In such situations, the large file has to be compressed. When it comes to compressing the large files, WinRAR is the best application provided with Windows computers.

However, sometimes the RAR files may get corrupt while extracting data. If something like this happens, it is almost impossible to avoid data loss. Don’t you worry about how to repair damaged WinRAR files? From now onwards, no need to worry in such cases. As you can easily extract corrupted RAR files by using Windows RAR Repair software. This tool  is specially designed to perform the automated RAR file repair process which helps you to repair archive at your fingertips.

Most of the users come across corrupted/damaged archives which cannot be extracted due to incomplete or void binaries. Even though Windows provides an inbuilt AutoUnpack application to extract the damaged RAR archive, but there are times when it fails to perform its required task. In such instances,  a legitimate backup copy of RAR files help you. However, what if you don’t have the backup? Don’t you get fretted away? In all such severe data loss scenarios, WinRAR repair software will assist you to fix the corrupt archive and then you can easily extract data. It is very effective in resolving WinRAR file corruption issues after CRC error.

Following are the few common scenarios where most of the users face corruption of RAR files while extracting data.

  • Sometimes, while extracting archive, due to CRC errors, unwanted bits of data can be induced in the WinRAR file, which might damage the archive resulting in corruption. If the corrupted archive contains any of your important data, then severe  data loss is definite.
  • Factors like virus infection, error in file system, software glitches, unexpected system shutdown  while extracting data from archive may also lead to RAR file corruption. To overcome such instances, simply employ this award winning software to fix read error in RAR file with great ease.

In order to surmount the data loss due to corruption of RAR file during its extraction, always make sure that the internet connection will not be interrupted while downloading or uploading archives from the internet. And don’t extract WinRAR archives whenever you face the power fluctuation problems.  Furthermore, avoid the infection of virus on the system by using an efficient updated antivirus program. In case if you are looking for software which can assist you in fixing RAR file header then simply follow the given link:

Whatever the reason might be for corruption of RAR files, WinRAR Repair tool will fix all types of corruption issues in few simple clicks. It has a strong repair engine which helps you to  repair RAR archive. One can also use this tool to repair password protected RAR files. Furthermore, by using this tool you can repair Windows 7 RAR file and also supports RAR file repair on Windows 8 and many more versions of Windows OS.

Note: Most of the users are likely to maintain large AVI file without compressing it, in order to get continuous flow of data while playing the file. But in actual practice, there are more chances of these AVI files getting corrupted or damaged as because of many reasons. You can know more about corruption of uncompressed AVI file at, visit it and get more knowledge.


Following are the few simple steps to extract corrupted RAR files.

Step 1: First, download WinRAR Repair tool and install it t on your system and launch the software to open its home screen as shown in figure A.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the corrupt RAR file to extract and click on "Repair" tab as shown in figure B.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Select RAR File

Figure B: Select RAR File

Step 3: Select the location from where you want to extract corrupt RAR file and then click on "Save" option as shown in figure C.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Extract Repaired RAR File

Figure C: Extract Repaired RAR File

NOTE: Watch the the YouTube video to know how to extract corrupted RAR files in a very easy and reliable way.