All You Need to Know About Windows 10 WinRAR Temp Folder

What is Windows 10 WinRAR Temp Folder?

Windows 10 WinRAR temp folder temporarily holds your extracted WinRAR files i.e. the folder consists of files named with .tmp extension. These files are known as WinRAR Temp Files.WinRAR temporary (temp) files are nothing but the documents produced by WinRAR application, which stays for some while.

Generally, these WinRAR temp files will be created while you extracting the source WinRAR archive. Here, WinRAR creates temp files for backup. Apart from normal conditions, WinRAR also produces temp files when your Windows 10 OS fails to find enough space for the extraction process or if your RAR archive consists of media data.

How to find the WinRAR Temp folder in Windows 10?

You can reach WinRAR temp folder on your Windows 10 computer in two ways. One is using the Run app and then is via manual navigation procedure.

Way 1: Locate Windows 10 WinRAR Temp folder via the Run app

  • Open the Search tab and type run
  • Launch Run app (Else hold Windows and R keys together)
  • In the Run wizard, type %temp%
  • Hit Enter key
  • You will reach the temp folder
  • Find your WinRAR temp files

Way 2: Manually find Windows 10 WinRAR Temp folder

You can navigate via C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp path and get your WinRAR temp files. To do so,

  • Open This PC
  • Switch to your system drive (typically, C drive)
  • Go to the Users folder
  • Open your user folder
  • Select AppData
  • Choose Local
  • Opt Temp

Now, try to find files whose names are having winrar.

Note: WinRAR temp file names have "winrar” as a part of it

How useful are these WinRAR Temp files?

WinRAR temp files seem useful when you lost important RAR archive/extracted RAR files, due to improper shutdown/crash of your Windows 10 computer, WinRAR application crash, virus intrusion on your drive where WinRAR archive or files are saved, etc. At that point, you can check the WinRAR temp folder and recover lost data using WinRAR temp files.

Additional info: If you have any corrupted WinRAR file, that you fail to extract then you can securely repair a broken archive RAR file using the WinRAR Repair application.

But, if you don’t get rid of these WinRAR temp files then it takes more memory of your hard drive thus, you will run out of space. Also, your Windows 10 computer performance will degrade due to accumulation of the WinRAR temp files.Hence, you can manually remove unwanted WinRAR temp files from your computer hard drive if you no longer require them.

How to delete WinRAR Temp folder?

Method 1. Go to the temp folder and delete the folder that has named- Rar$XXX.XXX.

Method 2. Remove WinRAR temp files using Disk Cleanup utility

Note: This method removes entire temporary files from your drive along with WinRAR temp files

  • Open This PC
  • Select the drive that holds your WinRAR temp folder
  • Right-click on it and choose Properties
  • Switch to General tab
  • Opt Disk Cleanup
  • Disk cleanup shows the list of Files to delete
  • Check the checkbox of Temporary files
  • Click on OK
  • At last, opt Delete Files in the pop-up

Method 3. If you wish, you can configure WinRAR itself to eliminate temporary files after extraction. To do so,

  • Launch WinRAR application
  • Go to Options
  • Select Settings
  • Switch to Security tab
  • Set Wipe temporary files to Always
  • Hit OK key