Repair RAR Unexpected End of File

Unexpected End of File Error in WinRAR

In order to compress several files into a single file, we generally use the RAR file format. It is very helpful to send the large-sized files over the internet and to store huge amounts of data in comparatively less memory space on the drive. Sometimes, during download, compression or extraction process, you may get some error message indicating that your file is corrupted. Among different types of error messages, “Unexpected End of File” error is most common. After getting such messages, you will not be able to extract any information from that archive file. In such a case, it is only possible to fix the RAR file showing the unexpected end of file error an effective third-party utility like WinRAR Repair software.

The unexpected end of archive repair occurs after an incomplete download of the file or if your RAR file is corrupted. You are not aware of such corruption until you will get this error message. Here are some frequently occurring causes for WinRAR errors:

  • Incomplete RAR file download: RAR file corruption is very much possible after improper download. Whilst downloading the compressed RAR archive from the internet, if any interruption occurs like a failure in the internet connection you might get this error
  • Damaged RAR file header: Usage of unreliable third-party apps and virus threats can corrupt the RAR header. To repair that corrupted header, visit this link:
  • CRC Error: It is a common error occurred when you are dealing with a compressed data type. During the creation of the RAR file, a checksum is generated and attached to that file. This value is compared to the newly generated checksum during the extraction. If a mismatch occurs, you will get CRC error while extracting RAR archives
  • Incorrect file conversion: Frequent conversion of the RAR archives to other file formats will also lead to errors in accessing the RAR files
  • Other reasons: Even Windows registry error, bad sector on the disk, malware attack, insufficient memory, and many more

How to fix the unexpected end of the file error with the RAR file?

Upon encountering WinRAR unexpected end of the archive error message, you can employ the WinRAR Repair software. It is designed with a simple graphical interface so that a naïve user can perform this repair operation easily. The app deep scans the damaged RAR archives and extracts the files without modifying the original content. After repairing the end of the file it allows the users to save the fixed RAR file to any storage location. You can download and install this tool on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and Vista. In addition to this, a demo version of the software is available.

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Simple Steps to Repair RAR Unexpected End of File

Step 1: Launch the WinRAR file repair application on your system.

Repair RAR Unexpected End of File - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Click on the Browse button to specify the RAR file showing the unexpected end of the file error.

Step 3: Press on the Repair icon to initiate the RAR repair process.

Fix Unexpected End of Archive RAR - Select RAR File

Fig 2: Select RAR File

Step 4: Set the desired drive location to save the repaired RAR file and hit on the Save option.

Fix Rar File Unexpected End of Archive - Save Repaired RAR File

Fig 3: Save Repaired RAR File