How to Protect Rar Files with Password

Complete Guide to Protect RAR files with Password

Compression of files and folders using WinRAR is a very common technique and has been in use since long. But, very few among you might know the fact that it’s possible to password protect your important files using WinRAR to prevent them from unauthorized access. WinRAR allows you to encrypt file and folders with 128 bit key and guarantee optimum security using passwords with combination of numbers and characters. Even though, still there are chances that files may get corrupted and making your valuable data inaccessible. In that case, are you searching reliable software to password protect Rar files with password to prevent external threats? Then, stop feeling depressed!!! Because, here is advanced tool WinRAR repair software to easily protect Rar files with strong password with ease.

Here are the manual ways one can easily lock a RAR file with password which are as follows such as initially right click on the RAR file for which you want to password protect it. Next, click on "Add on Archive" and go to the advanced tab option. Then, click on set password option to select any password and select ok option. Now, a WinRAR file with your filename will be created and you can just delete the original file, as you have now compressed it with a password. And, if anyone trying to open the RAR file won’t be able to get access unless he / she knows the password.

The most common ways to protect or secure your RAR file by setting username and password. These files will provide most efficient way of compressing and protecting documents or files. To guarantee optimum security, it’s recommended to use passwords with more than 7 characters in length and to combine numbers and letters in the password. But, still due to uncertainties unable to protect RAR files even with strong password. Then, here is an advanced algorithm which makes it possible to easily password protects RAR files within few clicks. Because of using this unique technology, the program also lets you protect RAR files with great ease.

However, you can employ this software to password protect your RAR archives that are corrupted due to virus attacks, CRC errors, download errors, unknown compression techniques by using third party tools, abrupt power failure, etc.  Make use of this read only application to password protects RAR files of different versions such as RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2 and RAR 5. Make use of this simple user interface to easily password protect RAR files running on latest versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc with utmost ease. It also repair ZIP file which denies to open on Windows 10 computer. To know more about it, chek this page:'t-open-zip-file-windows-10.html

Things to be remembered:

  • Avoid using save or remember password option to prevent unauthorized access from any other external threats.
  • Always update antivirus on system to avoid virus or malware infection.

    Simple Steps to Protect RAR Files with Password:

    Step A: Download and install this efficient program on your system. Launch the application and select the "File / Folder" option from main window as shown in fig 1.

    How to Protect Rar Files with Password - Main Window

    Fig A: Main Window

    Step B: Now, you can add RAR files or folders in order to start the locking process as shown in the figure 2.

    How to Protect Rar Files with Password - Add RAR File

    Fig B: Add RAR File

    Step C: Finally when you add up all RAR files and click on the "Lock" option to start locking process as shown in figure 3.

    How to Protect Rar Files with Password - Locking Process

    Fig C: Locking Process