Compress Video Files For Emailing

How to compress video files for emailing ?

With advance technology or modern media gadgets such as digital camcorders, smartphones, iPhone, tablets it has become very easy to make video of wonderful time you enjoy in a party, college function, trip etc. Recording and sharing videos is very easy now since you have got option to compress large size video files in a small size single file and email them. Here on this informative page you get the easiest way to compress video files for emailing.

Archiving a large size video is a complex issue for many users. Many users think it an unsafe operation that results in loss of information from the file. But it is not as they assume, since there are some proficient tools which allows users to perform lossless compression of video files. If you are using Window computer, you can utilize WinZip or WinRAR tool to convert large size video files or folder in an archived form. For this, you can select all video files that you wish to send via email right click on any video file. From pop-up menu click on send to option and then click on Compressed (Zipped) Folder. Automatically video file will be moved to a Zipped folder in compressed form.

Similarly, if you are using Outlook to manage your email account then it becomes simple to send videos by compressing them. You simply click right on particular video file and select Compress and email option. It will simply create archive of original video file and make it prepared for emailing.

Since you may have very important video files on your computer, you must be careful while compressing these files. A small error or an interruption while compressing video file may result in inaccessible or corrupted archive and then you may receive error while unpacking compressed video files. So if you are not comfortable in video file compression process, try once to consult with a professional or go online to get an effective file compression application.

Remo MORE is a highly reviewed app appreciated by experts for compressing video files. With this smart tool, you can compress video files such as movies or recordings with different file formats for example MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV etc. It is available for free and you can make use of this app on Windows, Android, iOS and Mac operated devices for compressing large size video files. Software facilitates users to compress video files on hard drives and other USB storage devices. It comes with advanced file compression technique and convenient GUI to help users to perform easy and secure video file compression process.

Steps to compress video files:

Step 1: Install this application on your system and launch it. From main screen, click on Manage option and then select Compress & Burn option and then click on Zip option as shown in fig A.

Compress Video Files For Emailing - Main Screen

Fig A: Select Zip Option

Step 2: Now, select Create New RZip File option to compress video files as shown in fig B.

Compress Video Files For Emailing - Select RAR File

Fig B:Create New RZip File

Step 3: In this step, you have to add video files that you want to email and then select compress option.

Compress Video Files For Emailing - Save Repaired RAR File

Fig C: Add & Compress Video Files