Software to Repair RAR Files after the Read Error

Errors with RAR archives are a dime a dozen which is often encountered by users while extracting RAR archives. It is very ridiculous when try to extract important information from the RAR archive but cannot succeed due to the read error. The read error with the RAR file won't let you explore valuable files and folders from the compressed RAR archive. There could be a lot of factors behind such unusual errors with the WinRAR archive.

What leads to RAR read error?

  • Improper Download: RAR archive might get corrupt if it has been downloaded improperly or there occurred interruptions during the download process. Due to a noisy channel, the RAR file structure could be altered when extra bits are added to it. Similarly when downloading is interrupted it may render the broken file and at the time you extract it, it throws read error
  • Header Corruption: WinRAR archive will not open if the header is corrupted. Usually, this happens because of storage drive corruption, bad sectors, or round-tripping
  • WinRAR Application Crash: You may encounter read error while extracting the RAR file if the WinRAR application is crashed or malfunctioning. Such catastrophe usually takes place after an error in the Windows registry or when configuration files are affected
  • Improper compression/extraction: Improper techniques used to compress or extract RAR files will give rise to read error
  • Other reasons: Virus intrusion, oversized WinRAR archive, erroneous recovery, etc. are also responsible for rendering such unexpected error driving you in trouble. With this, you will be unable to extract the RAR archives

Note: You can try again to re-download the RAR file from the internet or look for backup on your system.

How to fix RAR read error?

WinRAR Repair tool is one of the most trusted programs that makes it too simple to fix read errors in RAR files. It comes with easy-to-use and interactive GUI which doesn't need the users to possess technical expertise. This software works effectively on Windows computers and ensures risk-free RAR repair operation. One can achieve successful repair results by utilizing this tool without affecting the original RAR archives. You can visit at- to learn how to repair files on Windows 8 PC.

Excellent features of the WinRAR Repair utility-

  • The program is also available in a free demo version
  • Works with all versions of WinRAR
  • Fixes .rar, .zip, and .zipx archives
  • Capable to repair spanned RAR files. Visit this link, to know more:
  • Simple and secure to run on any Windows system
  • Supports split and multipart RAR files
  • Easily repairs the CRC error with RAR
  • Designed to fix password-protected RAR files with ease
  • It can also fix corrupt RAR files that says that no files to extract

Steps to repair read error in WinRAR archive

Step 1: Run the WinRAR Repair application on your computer. Launch the main window as shown in the below figure.

How to Fix Read Error in RAR Files - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Click on the Browse option to select the RAR file showing read error.

Step 3: Proceed to hit on the Repair icon to initiate the fix operation.

How to Fix Read Error in RAR Files - Select WinRAR File

Fig 2: Select WinRAR File

Step 4: After the file is repaired, you can choose the destination location to save the repaired RAR file.

How to Fix Read Error in RAR Files - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save the Repaired File