Delete Duplicate RAR Files

Complete Guide to Clean Duplictae RAR Files

RAR is a proprietary archive file format which supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning created by WinRAR application. This WinRAR application takes large files or collection of files and compresses them into a single archive file. A compressed RAR file makes it easier for you to share RAR files via email and over the internet. Since, you may occasionally discover seemingly unlike files on system. It generally happens if you save the same RAR file in several other locations or drives on your system. A huge amount of duplicate RAR files waste your disk space and makes it complicated to manage your data on hard drive.

However, a compressed RAR file usually comprises of different files such as photo, audio, videos, documents, etc. Even, it will also be difficult to find original information you want if saved RAR files have same name. These files may get scattered over your whole computer, as a result, it is quite difficult to find all of them quickly. Initially, you can remove duplicate RAR files manually. But, manual way of removing duplicate RAR files can consume large amount of time. In order to overcome this drawback, and effortlessly clean up duplicate RAR files without any worries choose this software named as WinRAR repair software. With the help of this advanced software you can easily remove identical RAR files stored in different folders and also in several drives. This software has been designed with powerful search engine to find out RAR files with matching name, content and size.

A large number of duplicate RAR files on disk can decrease the speed and performance of your system. Due to consumption of several duplicate RAR file on disk, your system might consume more time to open any application. Also, you may have to wait for hours during start up if the hard disk is almost full due to massive duplicate RAR files. Storing of identical information can be increased continuously after downloading the same RAR file from the internet. Most often, in order to avoid searching of information, we keep downloading the same RAR file simultaneously.  In order to enhance system speed and performance and free up disk space, immediately remove duplicate RAR files using this comprehensive software with utmost ease.

Further, it will not only just remove duplicate RAR files and also sort, organize and automatically manage all your scattered files in the way best match your needs. Moreover, you can make use of this simple user interface you can remove duplicate RAR files stored on external drive such as USB flash drive, Pen drive, Thumb drive, etc and external hard drive with great ease. It has the ability to remove duplicate RAR files stored on latest versions of Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc within few clicks.

Simple Steps to Delete Duplictae RAR Files:

Step A: Download this efficient program from internet and install on your system. Launch the application and select the duplicate RAR items you want to delete as shown in fig A..

Delete Duplicate Rar Files - Select RAR Items

Fig A: Select RAR Items

Step B: After clicking on "Scan" button, the progress will be shown as below figure B.

Delete Duplicate Rar Files - Scanning Proccess

Fig B: Scanning Process

Step C: When scanning operation is finished, number of items and free memory space will be shown as below figure C.

Delete Duplicate Rar Files - Result of Cleaning Process

Fig C: Result of Cleaning Process