WinRAR Unable To Open Files

Repair Your Damaged WinRAR File Easily

WinRAR is the most widely used application on Windows to create RAR archives. It supports data compressions, error recovery and file spanning. It is one the best techniques to save the storage space and bandwidth. However, sometimes while uploading or downloading archive from internet, if the internet server is down or if there occurs sudden power failure results in unexpected errors while opening archive file. In such situations, most of you start browsing internet to search reliable solution. Are you one such victim facing the similar problem and looking proper solution to fix the issue? In that case, here is a advanced algorithm named as WinRAR repair tool that is capable to easily repair WinRAR file which are refusing to open.

This software has been specially designed by expert professionals to fix severely damaged RAR files and open damaged WinRAR Archive in order to extract complete data within few clicks. It efficiently repairs all types of RAR files having size of 4 GB or more. This powerful tool has an automated repair process that effortlessly repairs the corruption issues within short span of time. With the help of this advanced algorithm you can fix password protected and highly encrypted RAR files without breaking the password code and without harming the file structure of source file.

Reasons behind WinRAR File Corruption:

  • CRC Errors: Usually, your system performs a cyclic redundancy check for downloaded files to make sure that the contents of RAR files that you have received are same as the original ones. If there is any difference among values and does not match with the received files results in error messages.
  • Incomplete Download Process: Sometimes, when you start downloading RAR file from internet during the process any kind of interruption occurs such as sudden system shutdown, power failure, etc. This can surely make the Win RAR file severely corrupt making it inaccessible. If you get any error message like no files to extract, visit this link for quick repair:
  • Virus Attacks: This is one of the worst conditions being faced by every user. Normally, viruses generally infect RAR files and make some modifications in the header of archive file. This can surely make the RAR file severely corrupt making them completely inaccessible. However, you can utilize this award winning software to fix RAR file unknown format or damaged due to severe virus attacks with ease. To know more updated information, quickly visit here

In order to overcome these above mentioned scenarios, it’s recommended to keep proper backup of the RAR file before facing corruption issues. Even, install good download manager to prevent interruption during download process. And, have your system installed with good antivirus program to avoid severe virus attacks. In spite of these tricks, still encountering problems and unable to open WinRAR files. Then, make use of this perfect tool which can readily repair damaged WinRAR file running on latest versions of Windows 2003, 2007, XP, Vista, 7, 8, etc. To know more detailed information, click here It is compatible with the latest versions of RAR files namely WinRAR 2.00, WinRAR 2.90, WinRAR 3.70, WinRAR 3.80, WinRAR 3.90 and WinRAR 4.00.

Note: Visit at and know about the perfect solution to repair damaged RAR file that is not opening.

Simple steps to repair damaged WinRAR archive:

Step 1: Download and install this WinRAR Repair software on your system to fix the damaged RAR archive. Then run the application from desktop icon to open its main screen as shown in below figure.

WinRAR Unable To Open Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, "Browse" the corrupted WinRAR file and click on "Repair" button to continue.

WinRAR Unable To Open Files - Select Damaged WinRAR File

Fig 2: Select Damaged WinRAR File

Step 3: In this window, you have to choose destination location to save the repaired file.

WinRAR Unable To Open Files - Save Repaired WinRAR File

Fig 3: Save Repaired WinRAR File