RAR Repair on Windows 7

A simple tool to Fix RAR files on Windows 7

When it comes to uploading or downloading of large number of files from a network, compressing of files is the most widely used technique. The foremost purpose behind compressing is to reduce the size of data. However, sometimes most of the users may come across a cyclic redundancy check error while downloading WinRAR files from the internet. The eruption of CRC error to your RAR file indicates that RAR file has become corrupted and unusable. In such situations, user cannot restore data from the RAR file and have to look for the backup copy of RAR files. However, what if you don’t have the backup of RAR file? Don’t you get goaded? In all such critical data loss situations, no need to fret. As there are lots of methods available across the internet to repair damaged RAR archive. WinRAR Repair program is the most efficient tool available around the globe that performs RAR repair on Windows 7 laptop or desktop computer and helps you to extract data from the corrupted RAR archive.

Most of the users believe that RAR compression is the safest way to send data over the network. However, this is not the case. There are times when most of the users face RAR file compression problem. Under such circumstances, instead of worrying about their important data, if the user searches for how to fix the RAR file corruption problem, there will be ample of approaches to overcome the crisis. One best approach is using efficient repair tool. Though there are several RAR repair tools available, Repair WinRAR File is the safe and user-friendly tool which fixes archives of any size in few simple mouse clicks.

Prior to know how to fix RAR file corruption issue on Windows 7, it's better to know how actually these archives gets corrupt, which might help you in future to avoid the corruption problem. Some of the most common causes are given below.

  • Sometimes while extracting data from WinRAR archive, if the extraction process terminates before its completion, then the chances of corruption are more. In case, if the user doesn’t have a backup then he has to forfeit his important RAR files.
  • There are some other causes like file system error, software glitches, unexpected system shutdown, virus infection may also lead to RAR file corruption.

No matter how archive gets corrupt, WinRAR Repair tool will easily fix the corruption issue at your fingertips. This tool has user-friendly interface and strong repair algorithms which helps you to fix the corrupt or damaged archives of any size. It can also repair RAR archive file which is inaccessible due to RAR file corruption. It can also repair archives of size 4GB and more. Furthermore, you can also use this tool to perform corrupt RAR file extraction on all major versions of Windows OS along with Windows 7.

Simple steps to repair RAR files on Windows 7

Step 1: First, download WinRAR Repair tool and install it on your Windows 7 computer and launch the application to open its main screen as shown in figure I.

RAR Repair on Windows 7 - Main Screen

Figure I: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the RAR file to repair and click on "Repair" as shown in figure II.

RAR Repair on Windows 7 - Select RAR File

Figure II: Select RAR File

Step 3: Select the folder where you want to save the repaired RAR file and then click on "Save" option as shown in figure III.

RAR Repair on Windows 7 - Save RAR File

Figure III: Save RAR File