Unzip Password Protected RAR File

Best Way to Repair Password Protected RAR File

RAR stands for Roshal Archive and it's an intrinsic file format of WinRAR archiver. It’s a non-documented archive file format that supports data compression, error recovery and file spanning. Like other archives RAR files are also a data containers, they store one or additional files in an exceedingly compressed manner. Compression of files not only conserves the hard disk space, however it also protects your confidential data from being opened or read by unauthorized individuals. The RAR file provides multivolume archives, higher compression of text, transmission and additionally has special recovery records. You can restrict the access of your confidential data on RAR files from unauthorized users by providing authentication to RAR archive.

Data corruptions have become quite common now-a-days, it could happen for any kind of files on storage media. It would happen in your E-mails, documents and archive files like RAR, ZIP etc. The common method to protect your computer is by setting username and password. In the same way   you can safeguard you necessary data on RAR archive by setting password. However, this RAR archive might get corrupted due to various reasons and you won’t be able to access you vital data.

Reasons for corruption of password protected RAR files are given below:

  • In most of the cases, the software that is used to unzip password protected RAR file can corrupt RAR file header. Because of which you are not unable to access password protected RAR file
  •  Improper downloading of password protected RAR files due to abrupt system shutdown or power failure can corrupt RAR archive and you won’t be able to unzip password protected RAR file
  • The cyclic redundancy check or CRC error in RAR archive can halt in-between while you unzip password protected RAR file. To know how to repair CRC error in RAR file, click here: http://www.winrarrepair.net/fix-crc-errors-in-rar-files.html
  • Virus or malware threats present on the system can damage your RAR archive and doesn’t allow you to unzip password protected RAR file
  • Insufficient memory while creating or unzip password protected RAR files will lead to weird error and thus it makes your data inaccessible. However, in order to overcome such an undesirable situations you can employ this software to repair RAR Archive after 42126 error due to insufficient memory space with great ease. For more detailed information, click here http://www.winrarrepair.net/archive-after-42126-error.html.

Corruption of RAR files is certainly a matter of concern for someone who has vital data. If those RAR files are password protected then it'll be a most terrible to fix corrupt RAR files. However, now-a-days these issues aren't crucial for the users. Normally users provide password to protect their RAR files while sharing them on public network. However, this password protected RAR files may get corrupted and cause you to lose your essential data. In such instance you need to utilize any of the powerful WinRAR Repair application to fix these issues and make your crucial data accessible.

WinRAR Repair tool is one of the most effective repair software that has the capability to fix password protected RAR files. This repair application is built with a complex algorithm to fix ZIP CRC error and repair password protected RAR files that are corrupted due to download errors, virus infection, unknown compression technique, power failure, etc. this repair tool not only repairs, but it also recover inaccessible files and folders from RAR files effectively. This tool can successfully repair RAR files on Windows 7 operating systems. Refer this Url: http://www.winrarrepair.net/windows-7.html for more detailed information about it.


Simple steps to unzip password protected RAR file:

Step 1: Install this WinRAR Repair application on your computer and launch it to open its main window as shown in figure 1.

Unzip Password Protected RAR File 
 - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: USe browse option to select and upload password protected RAR file and then click on Reapir tab to start repair operation as shown in figure 2.

Unzip Password Protected RAR File - Select RAR File

Figure 2: Select RAR File

Step 3: After RAR file is fixed, select location to save the repaired RAR file using "Save" option.

Unzip Password Protected RAR File - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure 3: Save Repaired RAR File