Repair .RAR File

An efficient tool to fix RAR file

RAR file plays an important role when it comes to transfer large amount of data over internet or other communication channel. Another advantage of .rar file is that, it holds a number of files into a small file; hence it helps to save storage space. RAR archive is a container, which contains multiple files in compressed form. It uses special algorithms to save number of files together within a single RAR archive. Later if user wants to access files from RAR archive, he has to extract RAR archive. But, sometimes due to various reasons this RAR file gets corrupted and refused to open. In this situation, the content of file cannot be accessed by user. To get rid of this problem user should make use of a good repair tool, which can resolve RAR file related issues effectively.

A .rar file may be corrupted due to many reasons. Some of those, most frequently occurring are virus attack, round tripping, file header corruption, interruption while downloading or uploading archive file, CRC error and sudden system shutdown in between extraction process. Once the .rar file corruption occurs, user would not be able to access the content of compressed file. Thus, user ends up in losing some crucial data related to office work or personal. However, if you are facing similar kind of issue, then need not to worry, because the solution of this problem is available in the form of WinRAR Repair tool, which is specially designed with the aim of fixing damaged .rar file because of any reasons.

Round tripping is a commonly encountered reason of RAR archive corruption. It is a process of changing file format from one to another. Suppose user changes the extension of archive file from .rar to some other file format and sometime latter again to .rar file format. In this process there is a high risk of corruption to the compressed file. Of course once the archive file gets corrupted then this file will not open without being repaired with an efficient tool, to know visit at:

Another scenario where RAR file gets corrupted is interruption while downloading compressed file from internet. Suppose user is downloading archive file from internet and due to problem in network connection, this process gets interrupted in between downloading process and then impairment of .rar file is very much possible. After this, if user tries to open the compressed file then error message is shown to the user saying that” Unexpected end of archive”. In this case, make use of repair utility which is armed with special features to repair .rar file, which is corrupted due to abrupt termination of downloading process. Apart from this, CRC error is also a possible scenario which makes RAR file damaged. WinRAR Repair tool is able to fix RAR archive CRC error.

Irrespective of any .rar file corruption scenario, WinRAR fixing tool can easily correct this issue in very short span of time. To know more abot this process, visit: Files, which are password protected, can also be repaired with the help of this tool. Its rich user interface gives it a special identity among the users and makes it easy to use. With the help of this tool, files with size of 4 GB or more can be repaired easily. If you have got corrupted RAR file header then chose the given link to know about its circumstances of occurence and procedure to fix it:

Note: Visit at, if you want to learn how to repair RAR file on Windows 8 PC / laptop.

Simple steps to repair damaged RAR file

Step 1: Download WinRAR Repair software and install it on your computer then launch the tool to open its home wizard as shown in figure a.

Repair .RAR File - Home Wizard

Figure a: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select damaged RAR file which you want to repair and click on "Repair" option as shown in figure b.

Repair .RAR File - Select RAR File

Figure b: Select RAR File

Step 3: Select the desired location, where you want to save the repaired RAR file and then click on "Save" option as shown in figure c.

Repair .RAR File - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure c: Save Repaired RAR File