How to Open Damaged RAR File

Easy way to extract damaged RAR archive!

WinRAR application is very useful to reduce or compress large size video clips, movies, music files, pictures, presentations, Word files and other documents. With RAR archives, one can upload, transport or transfer large files easily within very less amount of time. However, RAR file needs to be handled with care while transferring or downloading since it is open to various corruption issues and often users encounter error when try to extract RAR archive. Unfortunately, users experience unexpected end of RAR archive every time when they try to open it. You may also encounter this problem when try to extract important information from RAR file. This informative page is designed for users who are experiencing such unexpected catastrophe and want to get proper solution to fix RAR archives. Go through some easy steps discussed below and learn how to open damaged RAR file.

Obviously, WinRAR offers safe and easy procedure to compress large size files but the same time it is highly prone to the various issues which lead to corruption or damage to the archive. Walk through following points and know about common mistakes that users do while treating with RAR file:

  • When extracting information from RAR archive, if the file extraction operation terminates abruptly prior to its completion, then it could render damaged or corrupted file. Therefore, users should employ proper tool to extract RAR archive and if possible they should prefer WInRAR app.
  • You may encounter CRC error and fail to open RAR archive. Generally, it happens due to storage drive corruption or after bad download. However, you can fix CRC error and open damaged RAR file again. 
  • Sometimes, RAR file gets damaged after incomplete or interrupted download process. Due to error in network or low internet speed, download or file transfer process gets interrupted that directly affect your RAR file that being transferred. In such case, if you do not have backup, try an efficient app to open damaged RAR file otherwise you will have to sacrifice valuable RAR files.

Similarly, you need to repair damaged RAR file after WinRAR crash, header damage, virus attack, power failure and other reasons. These are frequently experienced scenarios after that you may encounter extraction error while opening file. Users can go through the page to get more information to resolve such errors.

WinRAR Repair – Easiest solution to open damaged WinRAR archive!

The moment you suspect unexpected end of RAR file after it is damaged, launch this proficient WinRAR Repair app and extract all information in couple of minutes. It is developed with user-friendly GUI where users get stepwise instructions to learn how to open damaged RAR file. It has great potential to fix damaged, broken or corrupted RAR files that are greater than 4 GB file size. Software deals with all possible errors and fix them to produce healthy RAR file. You can launch this application to open damaged RAR file on all popular Windows computers i.e. Windows 8, Windows 7/XP/Vista etc. Utilize this URL  and know how easily you can open damaged RAR file after several errors.

Note: In addition, one can simply click here to repair corrupt or damaged WinRAR Zip archive file and extract data including documents, photo, audio, spreadsheets, etc.

Steps to open damaged WinRAR archive:

Step 1: Install this WinRAR Repair application on your system and launch it to open the main screen.

How to Open Damaged RAR File - Home Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, choose particular damaged RAR file using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button to start the repairing.

How to Open Damaged RAR File - Select RAR File

Fig 2: Select Damaged RAR File

Step 3: Select desired location using "Browse" option to save the repaired RAR archive as shown in below figure.

How to Open Damaged RAR File - Save Repaired RAR File

Fig 3: Save Repaired RAR File