Open Broken WinRAR Files

How to Open WinRAR Archive after Corruption

WinRAR files are mainly used to store large amount of files in a compact format that helps you to transform large amount of file over internet. Though it is very convenient to reduce total size of files on the disk, there exists ample possibility of broken WinRAR file. If the archive is broken or corrupted due to any reason, all data in that file will be inaccessible. You can solve such issues easily using this WinRAR Repair software in different circumstances. It is especially developed to open broken WinRAR files and extract all information from that broken archive. You can employ this application to repair damaged WinRAR files in different circumstances of corruption. It will be very effective to fix large size of archive after corruption.

Most common reason of WinRAR file corruption is improper downloading. A compressed file is a collection of several files and it is well structured. During downloading of RAR archive, if internet connection is lost, there is great possibility of corruption. WinRAR file may also be broken if the downloading process is interrupted due to any other reason such as system shut down, power surge etc. If any of these incidents is happened, immediately employ this WinRAR Repair utility for better outcome.

You may also encounter with broken PST file because of improper compression and extraction operation, sudden termination of WinRAR application, file system error etc. If any discontinuity arises in compression and extraction operation, it may be damaged. Abrupt termination of the application may results to corruption in header of the file. As a result, your WinRAR archive becomes inaccessible and you will lose all information from it. In such situation, this utility can help you to open broken WinRAR files. For more help, you can go through this link:

In addition, you may encounter severe corruption in WinRAR archive in other reasons such as file format conversion, CRC error, bad sector on the disk etc. If the drive where your WinRAR file is stored is corrupted, you will get a CRC error like “CRC error: The file, which you are opening might be corrupted." or “File open error: invalid CRC" when you will try to extract it. Then, you have to employ this third party application to fix WinRAR CRC error during extraction.

Whatever be the reason of corruption resulting to inaccessible RAR file, you can open broken WinRAR files all the time using this well-known repair application. It has an inbuilt algorithm that will help you to repair broken RAR archive in each circumstance. This tool can repair password protected and severely damaged archive file easily and can save it to your desired location. During the repair operation, it does not hamper original content of the file and recover data according to previous structure of file. You can employ this application to open broken WinRAR files in different versions of Windows OS. If you face any problem to repair broken RAR archive in Windows 7 computer, visit this link:

Note: Have a click on to perform RAR file repairing on Windows 8 system.

How to Open Broken WinRAR Files:

Step 1: At first, download and install the demo version of WinRAR Repair software on your computer. Then double click on the desktop icon to open its main screen as shown in below figure.

Open Broken WinRAR Files - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select the corrupted RAR file using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button to continue.

Repair Broken Winrar - Select Corrupted WinRAR File

Fig 2: Select Corrupted WinRAR File

Step 3: In this step, you can choose destination location to save repaired file. Use "Browse" option to select the required location and then click on "Save" button.

Repair Broken Winrar - Save Repaired WinRAR File

Fig 3: Save Repaired WinRAR File