How to Open a Damaged WinRAR Archive?

Open Damaged WinRAR Archive in Easy Steps

To share a large sized file over internet and back up essential files in a compressed format, RAR archive is most suited and popular to the user. To implement this operation most of us use WinRAR archive manager, which is very effective to compress and extract the RAR file. There are various instances when this well-structured archive file may get damaged or corrupted. Then, you cannot open damaged WinRAR files easily. However, it is not impossible to resolve such WinRAR file not opening issues. Do you know the proper way, how to open a damaged WinRAR archive? If not, no need to panic, this WinRAR Repair software will be the best resolution for you. Using this prominent application, you can fix damaged WinRAR file when it becomes inaccessible in different circumstances.

Needless to say, it is very frustrating situation when your important RAR file become inaccessible. You may fall upon this situation because of different reasons like improper download, CRC error, header corruption etc. When you are downloading your WinRAR file, that file may be damaged if downloading process is interrupted due to faulty network, system reboot or any other reasons. In such cases, a CRC error will arise if you want to open that damaged RAR file. During extraction, a checksum is compared to the previous checksum value created at the time compression of RAR archive. If any mismatch occurs, you need to fix the raised CRC error first to open a damaged WinRAR archive. Follow this link to fix this CRC error easily:

You may also be unable to open a damaged WinRAR archive because of improper compression and extraction operation. If any discontinuity occurs during compression of RAR archive, header of RAR file may be corrupted and the same result will be raised during incomplete extraction also. After that, you cannot open a damaged WinRAR archive without repairing it. You can repair RAR archive file easily using this WinRAR Repair application.

In addition, bad sector on the disk may also be responsible to make your WinRAR file damaged. If the storage area where you have stored the archive is gone bad, you cannot access it anymore. Your important RAR file may also be damaged after infection of dangerous viruses. But, you may avoid these circumstances if you keep a regular back up and by using a powerful anti-virus in your system. Besides that, do not use an ordinary application to open a damaged WinRAR archive avoiding further damage. Furthermore, you can utilize this app to fix broken RAR archive after a click on

When you have this efficient WinRAR Repair software, do not worry about the reason behind the corruption of archive file. You can easily overcome all types of corruption issues on your computer using this awesome application. This tool supports repair of WinRAR archive in all well-known version of Windows computer like Windows 7, XP, Vista etc. through a simple user interface. If you need more help to fix damaged WinRAR file on Windows 7 computer, you can follow this link:

Note: Visit at and make it very easy to repair RAR file that is throwing error 17540 and not opening.

Steps to Open a Damaged WinRAR Archive:

Step 1: Download and install this software on your computer, after launching it you will see the main screen as shown below.

How to Open a Damaged WinRAR Archive - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the damaged WinRAR file using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button to start repair operaion.

WinRAR File Not Opening - Select WinRAR File

Fig 2: Select WinRAR File

Step 3: When repair process will over, you can select your required location using "Browse" button and then click on "Save" option to save it.

Damaged WinRAR File Repair - Save WinRAR File

Fig 3: Save WinRAR File