Software to Repair RAR Files after Read Error

It is very depressing when try to extract important information from a RAR archive but cannot succeed due to read error. Because of error, you cannot explore valuable files and folders from archive which you need for some purpose. Errors in RAR archives are a dime a dozen which is often encountered by users while extracting RAR archives. There could be a lot of factors behind such behavior of WinRAR archive but we have listed below some frequent reasons which are accountable for read error in RAR files. Definitely, now you have got the best solution to fix WinRAR extraction errors but it will be a good initiative to have a look on factors related to read error. Let’s go through these points before you learn how to fix read error in RAR files:

  • Bad Download: RAR archive might get corrupt if it has been downloaded improperly or there were interruptions during download process. Because of noisy channel, RAR file structure could be altered when extra bits are added to it. Similarly when downloading is interrupted it may render broken file and at the time you extract it, it throws read error. By utilizing repair tool, you can fix read error in RAR file and easily extract WinRAR archive.
  • Header Corruption: WinRAR archive will not open if the header is corrupted. Usually it may happen due to storage drive corruption, bad sectors or after round tripping. This problem can be resolved simply if user knows how to fix read error in RAR files. Moreover, with the help of this advanced software you can fix RAR error no file to extract with great ease. For more detailed information, visit here
  • WinRAR Application Crash: You may encounter read error while extracting RAR file if the WinRAR application is crashed or malfunctioning. Such catastrophe takes place after error in Windows registry or when configuration files are affected. But if you know how to fix read error in RAR files, you can resolve this problem even after application crash.
  • Improper compression/extraction: While compressing files or extracting these archives, users should be cautious of mistakes while performing these operations using compression tool, since it may cause damage or corrupted archive which will throw read error while opening. Moreover, you may receive CRC error in such circumstances. Refer this page to know more about CRC error and it’s resolution.

Virus intrusion, oversized WinRAR archive, erroneous recovery etc are also responsible for rendering such unexpected error driving you in trouble. You can try again to re-download RAR file from internet or look for backup on your system. Additionally there are some efficient applications which can assist you in fixing read error in RAR files. Any of you can also make use of this software to repair spanned RAR files in few simple steps. Visit this link, to know more about how to repair spanned RAR files on system:

WinRAR Repair tool is one of the most trusted programs that makes it too simple to fix read error in RAR files. It comes with easy to use and interactive GUI where users do not need much technical efficiency to accomplish repairing of RAR files. This software works effectively on Windows computers and ensures risk free operation and recovers intact files and folders from RAR archive. Users can visit at to learn how to repair files on Windows 8 computer.

Steps to repair read error in WinRAR archive:

Step 1: Run this WinRAR Repair application on your computer to launch main window as shown in below figure.

How to Fix Read Error in RAR Files - Main Window

Fig 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, use "Browse" option to select RAR file and click on "Repair" button to start repair operation.

How to Fix Read Error in RAR Files - Select WinRAR File

Fig 2: Select WinRAR File

Step 3: After the file is repaired, you can choose destination location to save the repaired RAR file.

How to Fix Read Error in RAR Files - Save Repaired File

Fig 3: Save Repaired File