Repair WinRAR Extraction Errors

How to Repar WinRAR File?

WinRAR is one of the best possible ways to save any of the file in compressed as well as secured way. People usually make WinRAR file, since it is easy to transport and can be well protected by creating password for the desired data. But, although it is secured by series of algorithms it gets damaged or corrupted due to various reasons. Since, such files are created with some reason therefore, if it gets corrupted then, users are awestruck and find themselves in a very pitiful situation. The only possible way to repair such kind of files is making use of tool which is capable of mending WinRAR corrupted file.

Basically such an instance happens over the rar file due to CRC error while performing extraction. On such kind of data loss, people usually get messages like "File open error: invalid CRC" or “CRC error: The file, which you are opening might be corrupted." Since, we know that CRC within any rar file is meant for authentication of data therefore, if any error happens in this context, then entire WinRAR file becomes inaccessible or unreachable. When such kind of error happens then usually people ask “How to fix WinRAR extraction error?” Here victims must make use of the WinRAR Repair tool, which is proficient enough to handle such kind of data inaccessibility.

Users of compressed file at times get other message like “Unknown Format”. This appears on the screen due to corruption of the compressed file. The corruption of such files mainly happens due to virus attack. Since we know that viruses are capable enough to hamper any file therefore, if any virus attack happens then it is quite possible that compressed file may get corrupted. The other reason for rar file corruption can be due to inappropriate compressing of it, the header of that zip file will be corrupted and user may not know about this until he or she try extracting it. When user tries to unzip such inadequately compressed file, it becomes unreadable or corrupt or sometime it gets broken. In this situation, you may need an effective fixer to repair broken RAR archive. To make this task easy, you can refer this link,

All that is required in case any of your zip file gets corrupted then make use of the compressed file repair tool which mend corrupted compressed file in matter of minutes. The other circumstances under which this tool can proof handy are improper downloading of WinRAR file, abrupt system shut down while making use of WinRAR file, error while transferring file, application crash, error in the file system, and software malfunctioning may also tip to corruption of archives files. In any cases, if you are unable to open damaged WinRAR archive after getting some error message, follow this link for quick repair:

This WinRAR repair tool can be used over different file formats of the compressed file. This automated software just need to have file path in order to fix any of the damaged file and recreates a brand new file which has got each of the contents as the old one. It efficiently works on different versions of Windows operating system. If you find any sort of trouble while fixing unreachable WinRAR on Windows 7 file just click here.

Follow simple steps to fix corrupted WinRAR file

Step 1: After downloading and installation of tool is finished, launch its Home Screen as shown in figure a.

How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors - Home Screen

Figure a: Home Screen

Step 2: Using browse button select the corrupted WinRAR file as shown in figure b.

How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors - Select Corrupted File

Figure b: Select Corrupted File

Step 3: Choose the desired location, where you wish to save the repaired WinRAR file and later click on "Save" option as shown in figure c.

How to Fix WinRAR Extraction Errors - Save Repaired WinRAR File

Figure c: Save Repaired WinRAR File