How To Repair RAR Files On Windows 8

Most effective way to fix RAR files on Windows 8!

File compression is a very helpful technique to make it easy to deal with large size files. By converting large size files in the form of RAR archive you can transfer large size files via email with great ease.  Moreover, RAR archives are useful when there is no more space available on the storage drive. With such great benefit, there is drawback with these RAR archives as these files are easily prone to various corruption issues and then fails to open. If you are one such user who wants to know how to repair RAR files on Windows 8, here is an easy solution for you.

There may be a number of reasons behind corruption to the RAR archives after that you may encounter errors in opening these files:

  • Corrupt Header: File header is an important part of any RAR file that is needed by OS to read a file. Anyhow if the header of RAR file is damaged or corrupted, you would not be able to open the file. Therefore, it is necessary to repair corrupt RAR file header in order to access information contained in the RAR file.
  • Storage Drive Corruption: If your Windows 8 hard drive is affected with bad sectors and RAR archive is located on this corrupted storage location, it may corrupt RAR file also.
  • CRC Error: It is the most experienced error for users after that they cannot access RAR file content. You may receive error messages like “Bad CRC” or “CRC failed in file name. The file is corrupt” when try to unpack downloaded RAR archive. You can go through this page to get assistance while repairing RAR files.
  • Improper Compression /De-compression: Often user finds RAR file inaccessible or corrupted due to use of improper compression or de-compression techniques to pack or extract information within the file. If WinRAR application is not responding to extract thet corrupted RAR file, follow this link to fix this issue:
  • After Recovery: It’s a commonly observed fact as most of time RAR file gets corrupted after recovery operation. Therefore, it is important to perform safe retrieval of lost or deleted RAR files with an efficient tool.

Once you stopped with unpacked RAR files with errors or encounter unexpected end of RAR archives, the only way you need to go with is to employ third party tool to repair RAR archive on Windows 8. WinRAR Repair is a permanent solution to come over this problem. With this tool, you can easily fix RAR files on Windows 8 that are not opening after corruption, damage or any other error. Software comes with smart repair algorithms that generates replica of source file to fix various errors safely without any damage to the source file. This application is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS and offers complete solution in repairing RAR files. To know how to repair RAR files on Windows 7, click on

Steps to fix RAR archive on Windows 8

Step 1: First, download WinRAR Repair application and install it on your Windows 8 system. Launch the application to open its main window as shown in figure I.

Fix RAR Files On Windows 8 - Main Window

Figure I: Main Window

Step 2: Select the RAR file for repairing and click on "Repair" button as shown in figure II.

How To Repair RAR Files On Windows 8 - Choose RAR File

Figure II: Choose RAR File

Step 3: Browse and select the folder where you wish to save the repaired RAR file. Now click on "Save" option as shown in figure III.

Fix RAR Archive On Windows 8 - Save Fixed RAR File

Figure III: Save Fixed RAR File