Repair RAR Files after Header is Corrupt

How to Fix Corrupt RAR File Header?

RAR files are used increasingly to compress large amount of files in order to save disk space and resolve another problems regarding immense file size. While compressing or extracting a RAR file on your computer, you may face different problems on it and the file becomes unusable. Corruption of header is a one of the common problem in dealing with RAR file, which makes it inaccessible to user. In such situation, most of the users think that the inaccessible RAR file after header corruption cannot be used and all data is lost. But, it is not true! There are different application by which you can easily repair RAR files after header is corrupt. To fix header corrupted RAR file in every instances, use WinRAR Repair application.

Header of RAR file can be corrupted in various situations but you may not conscious about it until you try to open it. Among different reasons behind RAR-header corruption, use of unreliable application to compress or extract RAR file is very important. As there are several application available on internet to create & extract RAR file, you can choose any of them. But, if it is not efficient for this operation, you will end up with corruption in header of the RAR file. Once the file is broken, you cannot extract that file by using any other application. then, the only way to extract broken RAR file is use of this WinRAR Repair application. This tool can repair RAR files after header is corrupt very efficiently.

Besides that, there are many other reasons behind corruption of RAR file. it may also happen due to improper downloading of the archive file from internet and infection of severe viruses. If the downloading operation is interrupted due to power failure, system shut down, slow internet speed etc, you will get a corrupted RAR file. Some of viruses in internet are very dangerous because they mainly attack on compressed file header and damage it. If it happens with you and you cannot access any information from the RAR file, just use this WinRAR Repair software to repair RAR files after header is corrupt. Due to improper download, you may get a CRC error after damage of RAR file. Then, use this link to repair WinRAR file CRC error easily:

Excluding these described scenarios, if header of your RAR file is corrupted and you cannot access the file, do not panic. Use this WinRAR Repair tool immediately and fix it. It can fix RAR file of any size and irrespective of the reason of its corruption. You can also use this application to repair damaged RAR file after getting different types of error messages. This WinRAR Repair application is efficient to repair RAR files after header is corrupt on different versions of Windows operating system like Windows 8 XP, Vista, 7 etc. To extract header corrupted RAR on Windows 7, use this link:

Steps to Repair RAR File after Header Corruption:

Step 1: Download and install demo version of this application on your computer. After launching it, open its "Main Screen" as shown in below figure.

Repair RAR Files after Header is Corrupt - Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2: Select the header-corrupted RAR file using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button to initiate repair operaion.

Fix Damaged RAR File Header - Select RAR File

Fig 2: Select RAR File

Step 3: After repair of the file, you can "Browse" required location to save the file and click on "Save".

Damaged RAR File Header Repair - Save RAR File

Fig 3: Save RAR File