WinRAR File Not Opening

Fix Not Opening WinRAR File

RAR is a compressed file, which is well accepted due to flexible transmission and efficient storage. To create this compressed file, WinRAR tool is the first choice for most of us. In some cases, after downloading any RAR file from internet or receiving it from a shared network, you will see that WinRAR file not opening. It is showing some error messages like damaged or invalid archive, archive is corrupted etc. Then, you will lose your important information because of its inaccessibility. You may have googled so much but you cannot find out any appropriate tool to repair your corrupted archive. Then, here is a final pause in that consequence and lose your entire fret about WinRAR Repair. You can fix all types of corruption of RAR file and access information from inaccessible archive in few simple clicks.

Using this well renowned application, you can get rid of a plenty of reasons behind inaccessibility of RAR file. Some of very common situations are highlighted here.

Sudden System Shutdown: It effects badly when you are downloading any RAR file from internet. Any interruption in downloading process may corrupt that RAR file, which results to inaccessibility. This interruption may also arise due to unexpected power failure or faulty network connection. Even, your archive will not be opened if you interrupt file extraction process. However, you can make use of this advanced software to fix RAR file after showing invalid RAR file error due to abrupt system shutdown. For more information, refer here

Header Corruption: Header of a file holds entire information about RAR file. Your archive may refuse to open after corruption of header. Main reason behind header corruption is abrupt closing of WinRAR tool when you are working on it. After that, you should utilize this RAR file repair application to fix corrupted archive.

File Format Conversion: File type of RAR file usually gets corrupt due to human errors. Most of the times, we change file format of RAR file from one format to another. Frequent change in file format may corrupt that archive file. In order to overcome such situations, one can employ this powerful tool to fix RAR error no file to extract with great ease. To know more details, visit here

CRC Error: It is an most familiar reason behind corruption of a compressed file. During creation of RAR file, a checksum is assigned for particular byte of that file and it is compared at the time of extraction. If any dissimilarity happens, an error will be shown and it will refuse to open. To fix such error with ease using this tool, visit:

Other Reasons: besides these reasons, you may lose access to your valuable RAR file due to infection of external threat, interruption in file transferring, bad sector in the hard disk where you have stored that RAR file etc.

Whatever be the reason for RAR file corruption, no worry!  WinRAR Repair utility will be always helpful to repair damaged WinRAR file. This application has so many awesome features which helps to perform inaccessible RAR file repair at your fingertips. You can employ this archive repair utility after getting any types of error like “Cannot open a file”, “CRC failed in file name. The file is corrupt”, “It does not appear to be a valid archive file” or any other. Moreover, if you need to access any password protected corrupted WinRAR file, this repair software will be appropriate software. You will get satisfactory result in each repair operation on all major versions of Windows operating system. If you find any difficulty while repairing inaccessible WinRAR file, follow the link:

NOTE:Implement this software to fix RAR file after error WinRAR cannot extract access denied. Visit this link to know more about it:

Follow these simple steps to repair inaccessible RAR file:

Step 1: First, download and install WinRAR Repair application on your system. After that, launch the software to open its home screen as shown in figure 1.

WinRAR File Not Opening - Home Screen

Figure 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now, select the corrupt RAR file to open it using "Browse" option and click on "Repair" button as shown in figure 2.

WinRAR File Not Opening - Select RAR File

Figure 2: Select RAR File

Step 3: After completion of repair, you have to choose the destination path to save that RAR file and then click on "Save" option as shown in figure 3.

WinRAR File Not Opening - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure 3: Save Repaired RAR File