Extract Data from Damaged RAR File

Easily extract data from damaged RAR file

Roshal ARchive or most commonly called as RAR file, helps its users in data compression, error recovery, and data spanning. Since, this type of files are generally used to hold some inter-related files in secured way, therefore, if it gets corrupted then a great remorseful situation develops. Such type of corruption comes in notice to user when he or she tries to extract the files from the RAR file. As this corruption happen consumers of RAR file can extract data from damaged RAR file by deploying WinRAR Repair software. Moreover, if you want to know how to repair RAR file, when WINRAR crashes while extracting RAR file, click here http://www.winrarrepair.net/winrar-not-responding-when-extracting.html

Files like RAR are created to save files in protected way by making use of some encryption keys over it. Such important files get mainly corrupted due to virus attack. The notorious program files which get inside the system from internet or any other storage device can make changes in the file structure, thereby making it corrupt. Let’s assume one of such real-time scenario to understand about it in detailed way. Suppose that you had a project folder which you compressed in RAR file so that system HDD space can be saved along with providing data security to the important files. After some time you tried to extract it for some need, but while extracting files from the RAR file you got message like “Unexpected End of File”, which means that RAR file is corrupted. To know more about related scenarios click here: http://www.winrarrepair.net/corrupt-rar-file-header.html

Inappropriate usage of the extraction tool can also lead to damage of RAR file. Once such tool is used for extracting the RAR file becomes useless for future references. The only solution to corrupted or damaged RAR file is implementation of RAR repair tool to extract data from damaged RAR file. Some of the common message that gets delivered to the users when corruption of RAR file happens while extracting are:

  • CRC error: The file, which you are opening might be corrupted or "File open error: invalid CRC"
  • Invalid or corrupt authenticity information
  • It does not appear to be a valid archive file

The corruption issues in relation to RAR files can be minimized by following some measures while using it. The foremost thing is that they must have proper installed anti-virus over system. Apart from this the other thing is that authenticated tool must be used for compression or extraction of files from RAR file. RAR files which are quite important to its user must be saved at secured location. In case if such measures proof to be useless, then make use of the given link to fix RAR file corruption issues: http://www.winrarrepair.net/fix-extraction-errors.html

There are different other scenarios were consumers of RAR file need to repair WinRAR archive file, a few of them are incomplete downloading, file header corruption, improper closure of file while extraction, etc. Any of you can easily employ this software because of its great graphic user interface. It is compatible to different versions of RAR file having size of 4 GB or more. In matter of few minutes this software fixes any of the password protected RAR file with the same intensity as the files which doesn’t have password. It is just read only tool therefore it doesn’t make any modification in the original file. It just scans the damaged RAR file and recreates new RAR file having each of the features of the old one. If you are unable to open your vital WinRAR file, follow this link to extract it easily: http://www.winrarrepair.net/open-broken-winrar-files.html.

Note: Refer this page www.winrarrepair.net/error-17540.html to know how to utilize this application to fix RAR file 17540 error.

Following are the few simple steps to Fix Corrupted RAR file.

Step 1: First, download WinRAR Repair tool and install it on your system after having any issue over RAR file. Launch the application after installation is completed to open its "Welcome Screen" as illustrated in Figure A.

Extract Data from Damaged RAR File - Welcome Screen

Figure A:Welcome Screen

Step 2:Select the damaged RAR file to fiix and click on "Repair" button as illustrated in Figure B.

Extract Data from Corrupted RAR File - Select RAR File

Figure B: Select RAR File

Step 3: Choose the location where you wish to save repaired RAR file and then click on "Save" option as illustrated in Figure C.

Extract Corrupted RAR Files - Save RAR File

Figure C: Save RAR File