Fix RAR File Error 17540

Easy way to fix RAR file after error 17540

WinRAR is very popular app because it has amazing power to convert large size files into small size RAR archive. It is obviously an effective approach to transfer very large size files over network or to save precious storage space. Although RAR file container is very useful to deal with large size files but there are few drawbacks of this file format that drive you into a drastic situation where you cannot access information contained in RAR archive. You may encounter an error i.e. 17540 while extracting file and become deprived of reading file content. This is a commonly faced scenario and you may also come across this phase. However, even after getting into such unexpected scenario, you have a chance to fix RAR file after error 17540. Yes, in such condition, utilizing WinRAR repair tool is a good practice to fix RAR file and you can also make your RAR file readable again.

Let us have a look on few likelihoods, which are responsible for arising such unexpected situation and you start receiving error 17540 whenever you try to open RAR archive. At first, I would like to draw your attention on the most common factor that is definitely about Windows Registry corruption. It is a catalog that keeps record of essential information and configuration settings of all application installed on your computer. Often users try to modify or repair Registry after encountering issues regarding some applications. While doing so, most of the amateur users do little mistakes and left with corrupted Registry that gives a rise to WinRAR application malfunction. When configuration files of WinRAR app are corrupted and you try to extract RAR file, it throws error 17540 after that you cannot precede further. You can refer this page to know more about repairing corrupted RAR files.

Another very usual cause for RAR file error 17540 is application incompatibility with OS. When WinRAR app is not configured properly or it is not supported by your computer OS, you may encounter this error frequently. Also damaged Windows system files entries, driver issues are responsible for this crisis and user finds RAR archive inaccessible with error 17540. However, you can deal with this problem easily and fix RAR file extraction errors with the software.

Besides above mentioned factors, you may find RAR file is not opening due to header corruption, improper recovery, faulty compression method, CRC error, virus attack and similar reasons. However, it’s not a severe issue for users if they have already installed WinRAR Repair software on their system. It is featured with advanced RAR repair technology to make it highly effective in repairing RAR archive errors. With this tool, you can fix RAR files that are inaccessible, corrupted, damaged, broken or not opening because of above stated reasons. It runs on all latest Windows systems and provides easy repairing process. If you are working on Windows 8 computer, refer this link to repair RAR archive with this tool.

Note: Visit at and explore the most efficient technique to resolve read error in RAR files.

Easy steps to fix RAR file error 17540:

Step 1: Download and instal this app on your computer and then launch it's main screen as shown in figure a.

Fix RAR File Error 17540 - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step 2: Using browse opiton, select the corrupted RAR file as shown in figure b.

Repair RAR File after Error 17540 - Select Corrupted RAR File

Figure b: Select Corrupted RAR File

Step 3: After file is repaired select the desired location, where you want to save the fixed RAR file and then click on "Save" option as shown in figure c.

How to Fix RAR File Error 17540 - Save Fixed RAR File

Figure c: Save Fixed RAR File