WinRAR Data Recovery

How to Fix Corrupted WinRAR File?

RAR file is required especially when you want to send large size file in a compressed format. WinRAR is a data compression and file archiver tool that helps us to perform packing and unpacking of RAR file. More number of people in the world uses RAR file because it can produce smaller archive in same time compared to any other compressed file type. However, a main drawback of this type of file is that, it is very prone to corruption due to some logical reasons during compression and extraction operation. After that, this compressed file becomes inaccessible to us. In such situations, one question comes in mind, is there any possibility of WinRAR data recovery after corruption? Absolutely, you can easily restore your important data from corrupted RAR file using this reliable WinRAR Repair software. Moreover, employ this powerful tool to repair unreadable RAR file and extract the complete information to form a healthy RAR file with great ease. To know more detailed information, visit here

This application is very efficient to repair a corrupted as well as inaccessible RAR file in any circumstances. In most cases, an archive file is corrupted during downloading and extracting of file. It may also become inaccessible due to use of unauthorized utility for packing and unpacking. Here are some factors which are responsible for corruption of WinRAR file.

  • Inappropriate Compression Method: We have various types of compression procedure to create a RAR file. Due to improper packing of it, the header of that file will be corrupted and you do not have any knowledge about that until you extract it. When you try to extract that improperly compressed file, it becomes corrupted. Then, follow this link to repair that corrupted header and access the file:
  • Interruption while Downloading: There is couple of reasons behind interruption in downloading RAR file, which leads to corruption. Generally, because of sudden power surge and network failure downloading process is interrupted, for which you will get inaccessible archive file. In such cases, this repair tool will be very helpful to fix WinRAR archive.
  • CRC Error: It is very frequent reason behind corruption of a compressed file. There is a checksum created during creation of RAR file and it is compared when this file is get extracted. If any dissimilarity occurs in the values between zipping and unzipping, a corruption error will be thrown. The other corruption which can happen on RAR file is due to extraction error. Go through this link to know more about it:

If your important RAR file gets corrupt due to any of these explained reasons, no need to panic! WinRAR fixing application is appropriate to recover all information from corrupted RAR file. Apart from these reasons, if you are not able to access WinRAR file due to some errors, then you can able to access that file by using this repair application. In addition, compressed file repair application supports data recovery from RAR file corrupted by dangerous virus infection.

WinRAR Repair utility has some useful features in RAR file repair over any other repair tool in any types of inaccessibility. It can extract every byte of information from inaccessible RAR file irrespective of severity of corruption of files. You will also be able to employ this effective application to mend password protected RAR file with ease. WinRAR fixing utility is applicable to extract data from corrupted file on all versions of Windows operating systems. If you need any help in corrupted RAR file repair on Windows 7, go through this link: Apart from all these situations, this software can also fix WinRAR not enough memory error and several other errors that are encountered with WinRAR archive.


Easy steps to recover data from corrupted WinRAR file

Step 1: Download and install WinRAR repair application on your system. After launching it, you can se the main window as shown in figure 1.

WinRAR Data Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: Now, "Browse" corrupted WinRAR file that you need to repair and click on "Repair" option as shown in figure 2.

WinRAR Data Recovery - Select RAR File

Figure 2: Select RAR File

Step 3: After completion of repair process, you can select desired location to save repaired RAR file as shown in this window.

WinRAR Data Recovery - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure 3: Save Repaired RAR File