Repair Damaged WinRAR

How to Fix Damaged WinRAR Files?

Nowadays, numerous compression techniques are used to compress data in order to save the disk space. However, when it comes to upload/download huge amount of data from the internet, RAR is the most widely used compression technique. Nonetheless, sometimes while extracting archive after its download, if the extraction process terminates abruptly then the chances of WinRAR file corruption is more. In such instances, most of the users think that they cannot use the corrupted archive. However, this is not true! There are several repair tools available over the internet to help you in such situations. WinRAR Repair is one such strong tool which can easily fix RAR file on Windows 7 and all other different versions of Windows operating systems.

WinRAR is the most widely used application on Windows to create RAR archives. The main intention behind compressing huge amount of data is to reduce the file size making it easier to share it over the internet. However, sometimes while uploading or downloading archive from the internet, it gets corrupt. In such severe situations, most of the users go panic about their important data. However, if something like this happens, no need to be anxious. As you can easily  repair corrupt RAR files by using Fix WinRAR software.

Following are the some common factors where RAR files may get corrupt.

  • Sometimes while extracting data from archive, if the computer shuts down abruptly then the chances of RAR file corruption is pretty more.
  • The file header contains the complete information of that particular WinRAR archive. If the file header gets corrupt then you may get pop up "Header Corrupt" error message, which does not allow you to access the contents of the RAR file. If the user doesn’t have backup of corrupted archive, then he has to forfeit the RAR file.
  • There are some other causes like file system error, improper termination of WinRAR application, software glitches, virus infection etc may also lead to RAR file corruption. If you cannot open the damaged WinRAR file, use this link to fix it in simple steps:

In order to surpass the RAR file corruption, make sure that the internet connection will not be interrupted while downloading the RAR files from the internet and always make use of an effective antivirus software to avoid infection of virus on your computer. Furthermore, avoid extracting data from RAR files when power fluctuations are going on. After taking these precautions, if any types of corruption encounters, this RAR repair application will be only option to get better result.

No matter how the RAR file gets corrupted, WinRAR Repair tool will efficiently fix all versions of RAR files. This tool is specially designed with a strong RAR repair algorithm which helps you to fix RAR files of any any size in few simple mouse clicks. You can also use this tool to perform corrupted RAR file extraction. Moreover, it can repair password protected RAR files and also repairs RAR files which got corrupt due to CRC error. Furthermore, you can also fix WinRAR archive which is corrupted while extracting the data from RAR file.

Note: With the help of this award winning software, its possible to repair split RAR archive file and extract data such as documents, photo, video, etc with utmost ease.

Simple steps to repair damaged WinRAR files

Step 1: First, Download WinRAR Repair software and install it on your computer/laptop then launch the tool to open its home wizard as shown in figure a.

Repair Damaged WinRAR - Home Wizard

Figure a: Home Wizard

Step 2: Select the damaged WinRAR file which you want to repair and click on "Repair" option as shown in figure b.

Repair Damaged WinRAR - Select RAR File

Figure b: Select RAR File

Step 3: Select the desired location, where you want to save the repaired RAR file and then click on "Save" option as shown in figure c.

Repair Damaged WinRAR - Save Repaired RAR File

Figure c: Save Repaired RAR File