Repair Rar Archive after Header Corruption

Fix Damaged RAR Archive Header File in Easy Steps

RAR is a popularly so called as Roshal Archive used to store the data in a compressed form. It enables you to store and manage multiple files as a single file in compressed form. But, sometimes your system gets abruptly shut down while extracting files from RAR archive. Afterwards, when you try to open RAR file start encountering errors and unable to access your crucial data. Are you encountering error message “WinRAR error the header file is corrupt” and refusing to open RAR file? Since, it has huge amount of data such as journals, research papers, important contacts, etc.

As those details are very important for me, so are you desperately searching reliable software to fix RAR archive after header corruption and restore data safely? If yes, then without any worries download and install WinRAR repair software. It is one of the excellent software to fix corrupt RAR archive files of different file formats like RAR 1.3, RAR 1.5, RAR 2 and RAR 3 with ease. This software is specially designed to fix inaccessible and damaged RAR archive header file comprising of necessary information of file such as file size, creation date, name of the file and information of the format which is saved an many more.

Reasons behind RAR Archive file header corruption:

  • Virus attacks: This is one of the worst external threats responsible for malfunctioning of RAR header file. It is responsible for severely affecting the file structure of RAR header file making it completely inaccessible. For complete information about how to fix damaged WinRAR archive, simply click here
  • Incomplete download: Sometimes, while downloading very large sized RAR file there might be the chances of RAR archive header file gets severely damaged due to sudden interruption like weak internet connection or sudden power failure. Then, you will get unexpected end of file error. To fix it, follow this link:
  • Using third party tool: If you make use of any third party or unreliable third party software to edit the header of RAR file. This can severely affect file structure of RAR file header making it completely inaccessible. If it says no files to extract, use this application and fix it using this link:

In order to overcome this above mentioned RAR archive header file corruption scenarios, it’s suggested to avoid improperly closing RAR file and make sure that you stop downloading RAR file when you have low internet connections. In case you fail to follow these instructions or unable to avoid these corruption issues, then gently make use of this software which scans the damaged RAR archive header file to fix each of them and quite significantly restore data from damaged RAR file with great ease. One can effectively utilize this highly professional software to fix RAR archive file even when it is highly encrypted and password protected.

Increasingly, this tool ensure detailed description of all steps involved, and enable you to perform damaged RAR Archive header file repair by themselves. However, you can make use of this highly intuitive and user friendly interface to fix corrupt RAR header file on Windows 7 and to know more click here . Even you can use this tool to repair damaged RAR header file on Windows 8, Vista, XP, 2007, 2003, etc.

Note: Click on and know how to open damaged RAR file safely in few easy steps.

Steps to Repair RAR Archive after Header Corruption:

Step 1:Download and install this RAR repair tool after RAR file gets corrupt under any circumstances. Launch it to open its "Home Screen" as shown in figure below.

Fix Corrupt RAR Archive Header File - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the corrupt RAR file using "Browse" button and click on "Repair" button to initiate the repair rar archive after header corruption operaion.

Fix Damaged RAR Archive Header File - Select RAR File

Fig 2: Select RAR File

Step 3: Soon after the repair rar archive after header corruption, you can select your required location using "Browse" button and then click on "Save" option to save it.

Damaged RAR Archive Header File Repair Software- Save RAR File

Fig 3: Save RAR File